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Pomandère is an Italian brand founded in 2008 by the boldness and creativity of Carlo Zanuso, the designer and organizational mind of the company.

Behind the label and beside the designers is a whole corporate team made up of individuals who bear a striking resemblance to the articles they create: young and willing, casual yet rigorous, everyone at Pomandère is a natural ingredient in what is essentially a simple recipe for success.

The family shirt-making business: art, skilful hands, a familiarity with fabrics, paper and models all around. Inside, a sense of taste; the senses trained to recognise trends and styles. A talent for taking them on board and transforming them, giving them a personal twist and relaunching them. Carlo Zanuso’s adventure in the world of fashion is no recent, no risky endeavour. Behind it lies a potent, effective mix of qualities, abilities, personal culture and history. 

The starting point is always the reinterpretation of the men’s shirt, approaching the outerwear, getting through to skirts and trousers, up to the accessories. Volumes and details draw an androgynous style, confortable and richly experienced. 

Exclusive, natural fabrics are painstakingly styled into distinctive, eye-catching models with a wealth of exquisite detail. Beautiful and feather-light items crafted with care, just like the little linen bags filled with dried flowers and citrus peel that one time used to naturally scent wardrobes: the pomandères.


A other great passion by Carlo Zanuso, is the decor and everything that concerns the home.

In February 2017 the label offer a new project for the home forniture: PomandèreLiving. It  comes to life and takes shape in keeping with the brand’s vocation, always symbol of essentiality and refinement.

Fragrances, objects, solutions to furnish and dress the home, completing to perfection the place you spend your days in, the place that’s home to your emotions and the style that’s authentically yours. Your home deserves objects that are genuinely hand-made, in keeping with the Pomandère spirit and the contours and colours that shape its clean-cut, contemporary collections, produced using natural materials and ingredients and applying Italian craftsmanship skills at their finest.

Pure linen, hand-processed with the utmost care and skill, for multi-purpose drapes, tablecloths, napkins and fine, versatile runners, practical and spontaneously chic.

Artisan ceramics, produced in selected laboratories according to original designs. Light, airy, simple designs, yet packed with character, in plain colours or with stripes, sure not to go unnoticed.

From the fresh to the sweet, from the woody to the moss, from the flowered to the spicy, Pomandere Living offers five fragrances to satisfy every nose, able to bring a sophisticated allure to both bedrooms and bath linen, through fragrance diffusers, scented ironing water and scented candles, or an elegant, dreamy shot of energy to the body thanks to the soap, the body cream.

Rigorous, yet full of brio. Subtle, yet confident. Elegant, yet reserved. Soft and gentle, yet full of character. Contemporary, yet with a hint of nostalgia. Objects able to whisper to you, your loved ones and your guests, telling of your grand little world that changes as the weeks and months roll by. A new look every day, with your own personal stamp every time.